We’re a group of enthusiastic amateur musicians, who get together once a week to play music in a relaxed, supportive atmosphere. We welcome players up to Grade 5 (although if you play at a higher level, you would of course be very welcome!)      

We’re always open to players of orchestral instruments (strings, woodwind, brass, percussion). We don’t ask you to audition.
We’re open to anyone aged eight and over (we have a Safeguarding Policy) and cater particularly for beginners, late starters, and those
returning to music-making after years, even decades, away from playing.

We play a wide range of light music, arranged for players up to Grade 4/5 standard. We will usually have ’first’ and ’second’ parts for your instrument, so you can choose what’s most comfortable for you. You will need to be able to read music, but there’ll always be someone you can ask if you’re not sure about anything and you will not be expected to understand it all.

The music is provided by the orchestra and remains the property of the orchestra. You are encouraged to make notes on the music with a soft pencil to help you.
Please look after the music and return it when asked, which will usually be at the end of a concert. If you lose music please let a member of the committee know as soon as you can. This gives us the best chance of being able to get a duplicate. Photocopying music is illegal and could result in the orchestra receiving a hefty fine, so please do not do it. You may be asked to pay for any music that you mislay or damage.

 The UCO does not have Instrument Insurance so please review your home insurance policy for insurance when playing away from home.

Adults: £25.00 per term (three terms a year)
Students and under-16s: £15.00 per term