UCO Suspension Update

Hello all

Regrettably the Committee have taken the decison to suspend rehearsals until earliest Jan 2021.

However, we do hope to start some online meetings soon… further details to follow

Best wishes and stay safe

Mark (Chair)

UCO future and re-opening

Hello all

Since we were last in touch the Government guidelines for amateur musicians and groups have changed and the committee have been looking at what options are open to us and how we can safely comply.

We would very much like your views on the future of our Orchestra for the weeks and months ahead.  Indoor rehearsals are now allowed subject to risk assessments and with appropriate mitigations, numbers and social distancing (see below). We really want to know the views of as many of you as possible, whatever they may be, and have attached a survey for that purpose.

We recognise that everyone has a different level of risk due to age and health conditions, as well as a different level of risk they are able or willing to take. We have prepared a survey – Please be honest in your responses in the questionnaire in the attached link below so that we can assess which direction to take. Please do note that the questionnaire was prepared before the latest government changes, but we do still wish to know your feelings.

The requirements for re-opening would be strict, extensive and advised in advance. They are based on government advice tailored for musicians which has been issued nationally to Amateur Music groups by Making Music. Some of the requirements are:

  • keeping 2m apart at all times including outside the building (When playing the distance would be 3m between for wind and brass and everyone 3m away from the conductor)

  • hand washing on arrival and leaving,

  • bringing your own chair if possible for you,

  • masks to be worn (except while playing wind or brass),

  • no sharing of music or music stands,

  • self-declaration forms to be completed for each rehearsal and more.

  • Regular cleaning of “touch points”

  • One way system for entry and exit

  • And more….!

There is also a requirement to keep windows and doors open and for everyone to leave the building after every 15 minutes of playing, leaving doors and windows fully open to ventilate the room further.

These steps are necessary to reduce the risk and in order to comply with our insurance. The Committee does not feel they can dilute these guidelines.

Please be reassured to know that the responses for each question are totally anonymous and separate so we cannot tell who gave which answer, and we cannot group a set of answers.
We very much look forward to receiving your responses as soon as possible. Please do let us know if you have any questions or concerns.
Best wishes
Mark, Pamela, David , Linda
UCO Committee